WOD: Thursday

3 rounds for time of:

10 Snatch balance, 40kg (30kg)

20 Push-ups (hand-release)

30 Double-unders

Post time to comments.

12 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Bove: 14.09 (20kg)
    Chops: 11.18 (20kg)
    Lisa.N: 17.43 (broomstick/knees/attempts)
    Matt: 8.03 (20kg)
    Ange: 13.03 (3kg/knees)
    DJ Dave: 8.32 (20kg)

    Drum: 6.20 rxd
    Russ: 14.06 rxd

    12 noon:
    Miles: 9.21 (20kg)
    Razor: 8.14 (16kg)
    Shaggy: 8.55 (16kg/knees)
    Sonya: 10.45 (3kg)
    Anna: mobility

    Cam: 7.56 (30kg)
    Showtime: 12.57 (20kg/knees)
    Kate.B: 9.20 (3kg/knees/x3 singles)
    Kala: 13.52 (x15-3kg)
    Shaun: 7.56 (7kg/x3 singles)
    Le’Roy: 8.22 rxd
    Shep: 12.02 (5kg/x3 single)

    Julie: 5.52 (20kg)
    Doc: 11.51 (30kg)
    Big Wave: 10.08 (attempts)
    Sam: 7.36 (20kg)
    Heather: 10.43 (3kg/knees/ sub row 300m)
    Tania: 9.30 (20kg/bar taps)
    Steph: 8.32 (20kg)
    Lisa: 8.40 (7kg/x3 singles)

  2. I love dbl unders,
    Drummo is there a session just with dbl unders?
    I’m hoping it would go the entire hr. Bring it on!!!

  3. There is a crossfit WoD called:

    AMDUAP in 24 hours and everytime you break you have to do 10 DUs.

  4. Found my continuous double unders for the first time tonight… And I’m gooferly very chuffed.
    “Kala meet double unders, double unders meet kala. You won’t like each other, but play nice!!”

  5. ?5 rounds of 200 Dobble-Unders
    1st round =5:33rxd
    2nd =6:57rxd
    3rd =7:16rxd
    4th =8:20
    5th =6:06rxd

      1. got some marks from the rope in the 4th round had a bit of a mantanti in that round kepet trippin on the rope and lossing my grip