WOD: Friday


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Deadlift, 100kg (70kg)

Handstand Push-up

Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

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  1. Dear Russ,

    Thanks for the motivation this morning as my workout partner (and I don’t mean when you started doing the Chippendale strip tease in front of me!). Cheers mate, you gave me a good push, sorry I couldn’t do the same for you.

    Dear CF42s team, sorry I had to take off early again to attend my builders of the epic new Pizza area currently being built at The Metz. Last day of building! No more rushing off and leaving my weights to be put away 🙂 CF42s Pizza Party coming up shortly. Stay tuned!


  2. WOD results:

    RR= Restricted Range
    Neg= Negatives
    HS= Handstands
    DK= Donkey Kick

    Mel: 7.20 (50kg/pull-ups-green)
    Spartacus: 5.29 rxd Russ was on fire!
    Russ: 2.59 rxd
    DJ Dave: 7.47 (90kg/RR-1″) Fantastic first effort!
    Jess: 7.39 (60kg/neg)
    Bove: 10.30 (90kg/DK)
    Big Wave: 8.09 (neg)
    Kala: 10.06 (40kg/HS)
    Em: 8.02 (50kg/DK)
    Le’Roy: 5.52 (RR)
    Slats: 5.36 (incline push-ups)
    Julie:11.01 (pull-ups)

    For time: 500m Row, 40 Wall Push-ups, 300m Row, 20WPU, 100m, 20WPU, 300m Row, 40WPU, 500m Row.
    Tony: 20.31

    At Clarence Pool

    For time:
    3 rounds of:
    Swim 200m
    20 Burpees
    20 Squats
    20 Sit-ups


    30-20-10 reps of:
    Kettlebell Swing, 24kg
    Swim 100m

    Drummond 32.42 rxd
    Slats: 50.08 rxd (in full Army cams!)

    Cam: 7.00 (neg)
    Kate: 7.07 (neg RR)
    Jane: 7.32 (60kg/HS)
    Showtime: 7.45 (60kg/DK)
    Sonya: 7.21 (40kg/HS)

    Armina: 10.07 (30-20-10 reps of DL 20kg/HS)
    Marvellous: 8.10 (neg RR)
    Tania: 9.04 (50kg/DK)
    Shaun: 9.07 (30-20-10 reps of DL 20kg/DK)
    Lisa: 5.43 (40kg/DK)

  3. Hey Spartacus, any time mate. Drummond you told me you were swimming i would have come if i knew that was going on, next time.. Great workout this morning guys

  4. Wow!! What a class this morning, by the looks. Does Russ do Diane faster than he does Fran? That is a wicked fast time. Hope you caught it on film, DW?

  5. Thanks Anna, my Fran time is bloody awful, but the more you do Crossfit, the better you get, i know that sounds corny but so true, cant wait to try Fran with Drummo and you!