WOD: Thursday

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Hang Power Snatch, 40kg (30kg)

Wall Ball, 10kg (6kg)

Post time to comments.

11 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Kala: 12.01 (16kg/5kg)
    Stevo: 6.59 rxd
    Julie: 8.59 (20kg)
    Big Wave Dave: 4.41 rxd
    Spartacus: 6.40 rxd

    12 noon:
    Alex: 12.47 (35kg)

    Le’Roy: 5.57 rxd
    Showtime: 6.57 (16kg/6kg)
    Karen: rehab/mobility
    Kelsey: 500m row, 7 rounds: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, 500m row: 17.40 (jump/knees/feet hold)

    Emily: 7.14 (21.5kg)
    Lisa: 8.03 (16kg/3kg)
    Lukey: 6.55 (35kg)
    Jane: 7.09 (16kg/5kg)
    Cam: 6.28 (30kg)
    Chops: 8.31 rxd

  2. RED
    West Winds 6.15 am
    Burpees/Strict Pull ups/Pistols (each leg)

    19.42 (band pistols)
    Awesome, strict ROM Red!!

  3. Thanks for putting my weights away today guys, to assist in my early departure! Nice short and sharp one today, “just like ripping a band aid off quick”, as a great man once said (this morning at 6:22am). And geez wonder woman did well!

  4. Geez – Im thinking this may become a theme for a Christmas party Stef, me as Wonder woman, and you as Barka! Perhaps Le’roy could go as Pietros.

  5. Rest up now Tan. No more wods until Ipswich Challenge. You won’t get any stronger now but you could get injured or tired. Have fun, AS.

    1. That’s the plan! Both got massages today which were good. Definitely resting up for the challenge though, we all can’t wait for it!

      1. Tan have a fantastic time at the challenge – get someone motivating to be your counter, take lots of protein snacks with you and drink plenty of water and wear that green t’shirt with lots of pride, we’ll be thinking of you!

        1. Thanks Em!! Can’t wait for my first challenge and yep, will proudly be wearing the 42S shirt-thanks again for the lend. Will see y’all when I’m back!