CFWX Out of Town Throw Down workouts have been released.
Competitors please make yourselves familiar with the workouts and the athlete code of conduct and talk to the trainers if you have any questions or concerns.
Have you organised the following in preparation for the day?:
Food, water bottle, skipping rope and any other personal equipment you may like to use, signed waiver, money for coffee, leave pass for after party at Dr. Syntax, well thought out excuses why you’re not Dan Bailey and finally hand cream for all the blisters you’ll get giving high fives all day.

Part A.
Handstand Push-up Clinic

Part B.
On the minute, every minute for 20 minutes, for max load moved:
Even minutes: 5 Handstand Push-ups
Odd minutes: 5 Hang Power Cleans

Weights can only be added during workout NOT taken off.

Post total load moved to comments.

Brown explorers…