WOD: Thursday

Push Jerk 1-1-1


8 rounds for max reps of:
20 seconds of Dumbbell Push Press (heavy)
10 seconds of Rest
20 seconds of Burpees
10 seconds of Rest

post loads and reps to comments.

7 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    (push jerk max weight/met con total reps- dumbbell load)

    Kala: 25kg
    Stef: 80kg/118-20kg DB’s
    Em: 30kg/84-16kg bar
    Dave: 80kg/163-20kg DB’s
    Chops: 60kg/111-15kg DB’s
    Julie: “Michael” 3 rounds for time of: Run 800m, 50 Back Ex’, 50 Sit-ups: 23.33 rxd

    12 noon:
    Sonya: 16kg PP/79-16kg bar
    Richo: 80kg/118-20kg DB’s
    Miles: 70kg/109-15kg DB’s
    Leila: 16kg PP/81-16kg DB’s
    Karen: 16kg PP/73-16kg bar
    Richard: 20kg PP/87-20kg DB’s
    Mel: 16kg PP/80-20kg DB’s
    Alex: 70kg/112-15kg DB’s

    3pm:For time:
    25 Walking lunge steps
    20 Pull-ups
    50 Box jumps, 20 inch box
    20 Double-unders
    25 Ring dips
    20 Knees to elbows
    30 Kettlebell swings, 32kg
    30 Sit-ups
    20 Hang squat cleans, 15kg dumbbells
    25 Back extensions
    30 Wall ball shots, 10kg
    9 Rope climb ascents

    Stevo: 10.45 rxd (backwards)
    Drum: 13.14 rxd

    Stevo: 80kg/159-20kg DB’s
    Brittany (from CrossFit Sunshine Coast!) 16kg PP/103-16kg bar
    Emily: 40kg/90-10kg DB’s
    Tom: 20kg PP/146-15kg DB’s
    Alex.S: 20kg PP/137-15kg DB’s
    Phil: 20kg PP/133-10kg DB’s
    Max: Mobility

    Lisa: 20kg PP/82 – 16kg bar
    Sam: 20kg PP/99 – 20kg bar
    Tania: 39.5kg/84- 10kg DB’s
    Steph: 40kg/88 – 10kg DB’s
    Lukey: “Michael”: 25.18 rxd
    Jack: 5km Row: 24.08

  2. Hey Senior Weiner!!

    Thanks for letting me join the Crossfit 42 South group last night! Great to see how well your coming along with your CF in Hobart. You have a great bunch of crew sweating, supporting, cursing, encouraging and motivating each other every minute of the WOD.

    Em and Adam thank you so much for giving me a lift on the way back to my hotel. I’ll get Drumm to give you something in return – burpees, 5km run, 70kg thrusters sound ok??

    Hope to see you down down Hobart again sometime soon, 2 weeks (if flight schedules go to plan) 🙂

    P.S. Anna in answer to your post last night – yes so very slightly retarded!! 🙂

    1. Michelle – shame I missed seeing you, and, yes, there is a little bit of re-tardness in all of us!