WOD: Thursday

Part A.
For max load, as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Front Squats (bar from ground)
50 Double-unders

Part B.
3x 10-12 Strict Pull-ups (supernated grip – palms towards body)

Post total load from Part A to comments.




7 Responses

  1. Kyle:

    Part A :
    6+5+14 @80kg = 2,800kg or 2,400kg if only counting complete rounds.

    Part B:
    completed @10 reps

    Part A was tough… Wasn’t sure how to hit it.. Like go heavy and slow then crank the DU’s or go light and smash the whole thing our fast…
    Ended up going heavy and slow and trying to crank the DU’s… Think I hit the right stimulus.. Felt like I did anyway.

    Would appriciate some feed back from others about how you approached this.. It’s tough training by yourself 🙁

    Cheers guys as gals!

    1. Hey Kyle

      I did the WOD at 70KG for a total weight of 2450KG. If I were to do this again I would have gone heavier. I was obviously really fatigued from the double unders, but the legs felt fine with the front squats. I think you made a better decision than me!

      1. Same here guys, I also did 70kg (2,170kg total), but the DU’s gassed me something shocking. I’d have been much better pushing the weight a bit higher as the FS were certainly not my limiting factor in this WOD.

        1. Happy anniversary mate! Thank for being such a positive influence around the box!

          1. Anniversary ? Who’s not mine?

            And cheers guys good to see I got the right idea!
            For me the front squats (major goat) were the tough bit it was like a 5rm each time! And the DU’s were just there to annoy me in between sets haha!

    2. It was hard to choose. I ended up going too light and the squats & DU’s were both fast. I felt I was skipping the whole time, got through lots of rounds but it didnt add to much! I wish I had gone heavier & slowed it down. Sounds like you did it exactly right Kyle!!! Well hit!!

  2. Jak you did a GREAT job, and could have done lots heavier on FS! I think I made the right decision going 50kg on front squat. If only I could do DU!! I would have lifted a lot more load!