WOD: Thursday

With the CFWX ‘South of Town Thrown Down” this Saturday here are Drummond’s hot tips for getting the most out of a CrossFit Competition:

Have fun and meet new people!
Something I’ve observed about the best CrossFitters in the world is that they seem to be having fun all the time. They maybe nervous but they always take the time to talk to the judges, the crowd and their fellow athletes.
Introduce yourself to new people and cheer them on. The sorest part of your body after a comp should be your hand from high-fiving and slapping people on the arse (first slap in motivational, second slap is creepy). This is an super cool community – get amongst it.

Leave your ego at home.
CrossFit competitions can be humbling. I’m pretty sure you’re not Rich Froning so chill out fool. I struggle to remember who came first in nearly every competition I’ve been to but without exception I can remember the athletes who carried on like pork chops when things didn’t go their way.

Know your heat times!
Be sure to read the schedule and know what heat you are in and at what time your WODs are. Be aware that the schedule often shifts left and right so stay tuned to the PA for announcements concerning timings.
Hit the warm-up area at least 30 min before your heat to prepare not only your rig but your central nervous system – if in doubt ask your coach.

Do the reps!
Don’t be the douche-bag always looking for the loop holes in the standards.
The winner is the athlete who on that day displayed the greatest capacity across broad times and model domains, NOT the athlete who managed to get around the standards with a trick.
It is YOUR job as the athlete to convince the judge that you are meeting the required range of motion. Don’t risk doing 97% of the work only to get “no-repped”.

Drink lots of water. Lots.
Eat as soon as you can following a WOD to maximize your recovery.
Plan your snacks and bring an eski with supplies.
Share your bad-arse paleo balls – make friends.

Don’t loose your mind analyzing the scoreboard.
It’s a test of fitness, not a calculus exam.
Give everything you’ve got and the scoreboard will do the rest.

Be sure to thank the host.
More work than you can imagine goes into planning and running a CrossFit competition. Be sure to give your appreciation to the host.

Random things to keep in your kit bag:
Spare training clothes
Long socks
Spare undies
Strapping tape
Paw paw ointment – everything from burnt lips to ball rash
Trigger ball
Stubbie cooler
Hat and sunscreen
Skipping Rope

WOD: Thursday

Part A.
Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5

Part B.
15-12-9 reps for time of:
Wall Ball, 10kg/6kg

Post loads from Part A and time from Part B to comments.

Big Rich is working up the East Coast for a couple of months… I miss him.



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  1. He went away without saying goodbye to me.

    Good oppourtunity to give the knee some rest.