WOD: ‘The 4th Quarter is Ours!’

5 Rounds for time:

20m Bear Crawl

5 Deadlifts 140kg (100kg)

10 Burpees

Post time to comments.

Thanks to CrossFit Football for the WOD.

10 Responses

  1. WOD results:


    Andrew: 13.45 (80kg)
    Doc: 13.01 (110kg)
    Tania: 14.13 (50kg)
    Chops: 11.01 (90kg)
    Stevo a.k.a ‘Turbo Bear’: 8.22 (110kg)
    Leigh: 11.14 (120kg)

    Alex: 11.54 (80kg)
    Miles: 8.23 (120kg)
    Pete: 12.09 (80kg)

    Marvellous Emily: 11.03 (70kg)
    Adam: 8.28 (110kg)
    Stevo: ‘Fran’ 10.08 rxd

      1. Phil and I got together at woody today wod for time ;-
        Phil 100 kg / Carolyn 60kg D,lift
        9.07min 8.48min

  2. May be if Andrew found a pair of shorts which did not constrain his abililty to function we might have a better result!

      1. You better believe it turbo!

        Let the surf gods be kind this weekend! East Coast it is! Better tell old Leeroy no bear crawls in the camp site! Don’t want to scare any of the wild life!

  3. should i tell them what you did with the possum on our last camp trip…..