WOD: Saturday

WOD at West Winds Community Gym Woodbridge:

For time:

100m Walking lunge

800m Run

100 Squats

800m Run

100 Push-ups

800m Run

Thank you to CrossFit Brisbane for the WOD.

Post time to comments.

3 Responses

  1. WOD Results:

    Drummond: 23.14
    Anna: 23.21
    Red: 32.07
    Lisa: 32.19 sub’d run with 100 double unders.
    Phil: 33.21
    Carolyn: 32.45

  2. Great job everyone! Gotta love living here!

    Drummond suffered with the cold air burning his lungs. Don’t worry, you’ll hard’up soon, it is Winter in a week.

  3. Take 2

    Quotes of the day.
    Red: “All I am thinking about is getting to the f@#king shed.”
    Carolyn: “I think I am going to spew.”
    Phil: “You know you have trained hard when you have pooed yourself.”
    Lisa: Eye roll after eye roll after eye roll.
    Drummond: “My arms don’t work.”
    Anna: “Bad undie choice.”
    Bear Grylls: “I eat European orphans.”