WOD: Saturday

Reminder: There will NOT be a 9am Open Gym or Performance Development today due to The Goal Setting Workshop taking place.

On the minute every minute for 12 minutes:
Sprint 100m (50m up and back)

In teams of three:
As many efforts as possible in 7 minutes of:
50m sprint (25m up and back)

Post slowest and fastest sprint times to comments.




3 Responses

  1. Beach Run
    Sprint 100 = 17-20
    Sprint 50 for 7 minutes = 13 (22 second rest between sprints)

  2. Yaro: 16:09s – 18:19s rxd

    7 min sprint 50m (25m there and back) every 30s: 14 sprints 9:09s – 9:99s