WOD: Saturday

Take 15 minutes to find a heavy 3RM Thruster, then:

For time:
Run 800m
30 Thrusters
Run 800m

Use the remaining time in the session to work on your kipping Pull-up or Muscle-up.

Post time and load to comments.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Lisa.N. Check this vid of Lisa ripping out a weighted pull-up this week. 3 months ago she was on a green band!

4 Responses

  1. 9.30am Zap D’port

    3RM thruster: 65kg (PB)

    12.06 (45kg)

    Happy birthday Lisa, sorry we couldn’t make it last night. Hope the heads ok and ready to back up again tonight.

    Told you that video would find it’s way into good hands 😉

  2. Thanks CF42s! I’ve enjoyed the journey immensely 🙂

    Can’t believe Micah gave this to you lol

  3. WOD results:

    Razor: 9.47 (42.5kg)
    Mel: 13.13 (16k/row)
    Jimmy: 9.44 (60kg)
    Margarita: 11.45 (10kg)
    Tom: 13.06 (60kg)
    Adam.H: 9.36 (50kg)
    DJ Dave: 10.39 (50kg)
    Jak: 13.02 (20kg)
    Leandra: 13.52 (25kg)
    Austin: 14.08 (16kg/row)
    Sarah: 15.07 (20kg)
    Brett: 10.17 (42.5kg)

    Sarah.R: 11.10 (16kg/row)
    Edwin: 12.27 (45kg)
    Big Wave: 9.52 (42.5kg)
    Teresa: 14.28 (20kg)
    Joel: 13.18 (20kg)
    Adam.M: 11.16 (40kg)
    Leisha: 11.33 (26kg)
    Jake: 12.44 (40kg)

    9am Open Gym:
    Yesterday’s WOD:
    Alli: 198 (20kg)/50
    Shaun: 133 (20kg) spew! welcome back mate.

    Partners WOD:
    AMRAP 12 minutes:
    70kg Deadlift
    Run 200m
    Micah: 142 rxd/30
    Adam.H: 129 rxd/30

    3 efforts of max Push-ups in 2min:
    Tom: 61/52/56
    Razor: 76/68/68
    Jimmy: 50/49/44