WOD: Saturday

Good luck to Jimmy and Razor who are travelling to Brissy this weekend to do the CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Seminar.

For time:
1000 m Row
50 Thrusters, 20kg
30 Pull-ups

Finisher: 3 attempts max hold handstand

Post WOD time and total handstand hold time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

4 Responses

  1. 7.00am:

    Mel: 12.36 (16kg/blue)
    Lisa.N: 12.46 rxd 30 pull ups!!!
    Jules: 11.33 rxd
    Alex: 9.54 rxd
    Jak: 15.27 (purple)


    Sandy: 10.08 rxd
    Matt: 7.51 rxd
    Simon: 10.10 rxd
    Sarah.R: 13.36 (16kg/blue)

  2. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the workshops and attended the breakfast this morning. A special thanks to Brett and Cam for their BBQing skills. The strategy workshop will be at 9.30 next Saturday. An email will be sent to those people who expressed interest on their feedback form. I feel priveliged to be a part of such a great community of people. Best of luck to everyone working towards their inspiring goals!
    Thanks again to all goal setting workshop attendees:
    Caitlin Saunders
    Edwin Munian
    Simon Mouchet
    Sarah Caddick
    Dave Webber
    Leandra Bennett
    Shelly Cuthbert
    Jaci bolton
    Tasha Dodd
    Tim Douglas
    Jonathan Wherrett
    Lindsey Wherrett
    Matt Fishburn
    Julie Denis