WOD: Saturday

Ten rounds, each for time of:
100m Hill Sprint
On the minute, every 3 minutes.

Post times for each round to comments.

Adam, Emily and Alex tackle ‘Heart Break Hill’.

12 Responses

  1. WOD results: (in seconds)

    Adam: 20/22/23/25/27/27/28/30/29/28
    Cyber Cop: 31/31/34/40/39/41/54/60/56/47
    Emily: 30/30/33/37/43/42/43/40/40/39
    Doc: 2x strong Latte and 1 big breakfast.

  2. Anna 7.2km Grove 10.am X/C 2nd 27.23

    Yesterday’s WOD (today)
    OHS 2 2 2 2 2
    21, 25, 9
    KB Swings 24/16

    12.30 West Winds
    Anna: 40kg/4.09 as rxd
    Carolyn: 40kg/4.56 as rxd

    PS Awesome photo of hill wod, DW! Adam looks nearly half good.

    1. Well done Anna.

      2nd place in a 7.2km run with how much running specific training?

      1. None. I just go to this awesome strength and conditioning facility called crossfit42s. Heard of it?

  3. 3.30pm

    WOD: ‘Randy’

    For time:
    35kg Power Snatch, 75 reps

    Pearso: 14.31 rxd

    1. Good stuff Pearso.
      Great to see you hitting these WOD’s hard.
      Will you ever go back to ‘traditional’ weights training?

      1. Thanks mate. This website’s great. You’ve come out swingin’ from the get go, but who would’ve expected anything less.
        As for ‘traditional’ weights, Ha! You mean training like those blokes that look fit but aren’t, look like they could lift massive amounts but can’t, and spend 90% of their workout looking at themselves in the mirror? Ah….. no.
        Looks like you’ve got a good bunch of people with you down there already, I hope it all keeps going well. Keep the WOD’s coming, Me and the boys will be up here testing the patience of the PTI’s.

  4. Back from Thailand ready to go. Did my first wod wih Anna Saturday, PB OHS 40kg bring it on, lets go.
    Well done Emily and Adam ,looking forward to coming along and sweating it out.

  5. Hoping to meet up with Carolyn and Red at times at West Winds to do the wod.

  6. Feeling abit stiff after first couple of wods this week. looking forward to getting into it with Anna and Red down at Woody.