WOD: Saturday

For Time:
Opposing Ladder of:
Handstand Push-up
Deadlift, 80kg (60kg)
Start with 10 HSPU and 1 Deadlift and reduce/increase the reps of each movement until you finish with 1 HSPU and 10 Deadlift.

Post time to comments.

DJ Dave: 8.12 rxd

Yesterday’s 12 noon Team finishing their final lap to come in with a smoking time of 32.07

6 Responses

  1. HSPU Scaling:
    Restricted Range, Negatives, Handstands Holds, Donkey Kicks, Push Ups

    Jaci: 11.06(HS/50kg)
    Tasha: 7.23 (HS/50kg)
    Lyndsay: 9.15 (RR)
    Mel: 8.44 (PU)
    Brett: 15.09 (RR Neg)
    Tom: 11.26 rxd
    Matt: 8.57 (RR)
    Razor: 11.52 (RR)
    Kate B: 9.53 (DK/50kg)
    Jules: 7.59 (RR)
    Lisa N: 7.24 (RR)
    Wendy: 7.56 (HS/40kg)
    Chris: 11.58 (RR)

    Juanita: 9.04 (HS/31kg)
    Adam: 13.43 (RR)
    Sandy: 16.09 (RR)
    Cat: 11.23 (HS/31kg)
    Big Wave: 8.03 (sub 32kg KB Swings)
    Emily: 12.16 (Neg)
    Yaro: 15.42 rxd
    Kyle: 15.33 (RR)
    Liam: 16.44(RR Neg/70kg)
    Jake: 13.24 (RR)
    Jono: 8.31 (Neg/60kg)
    Ed: 11.05(RR Neg/40kg)

    Great atmosphere this morning guys, and well done on staying safe whilst Lifting and Handstanding!

  2. 11am at CF42s:

    3 rounds for max reps of:
    2 minutes of Rope Climbs, 12″
    1 minute Rest
    2 minutes of 20m Shuttle run with 25kg Sandbag
    1 minute Rest
    2 minutes of Ground to Overhead, 20kg Dumbbells
    1 minute Rest
    2 minutes of Truck Tyre Flip
    1 minute Rest

    Drum: 263 reps rxd
    Russ: 239 reps rxd