WOD: Saturday

Event 6 from the 2011 CrossFit Games Regionals.
20 Calorie Row
30 Burpees
40 Ground to Overhead, 15kg (10kg) DBs
50 Toes to Bar
30m Overhead Walking Lunge, 20kg (10kg)
50m sprint

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15 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Russ: “Fran” 6.03 rxd
    Drum: 9.46 rxd

    AMRAP 12 min:
    6 Kettlebell Swings, 16kg
    9 Push-ups
    12 Squats
    Tan: 9+6+9+5 rxd (1 year ago – 1st WOD at CF42s- 8+6+9+7 (8kg RR/knees/RR squat)

    Brett: 13.08 rxd
    Razor: 16.03
    Lisa.N: 14.55 (7.5kg DB/RR T2B)
    Leisha: 13.02 (7.5kg DB/RR T2B/5kg)
    Mel: 15.34 (5kg/RR T2B/5kg)

    Jimmy: eggs and bacon for time. PB
    Tom: 12.34 rxd
    Tan: 12.05 (RR T2B)
    Eve: 16.47 (RR T2B)
    Leandra: 14.54 (7.5kg DB/RR T2B)
    Yaro: 12.49 rxd
    Jaci: 15.57 (5kg/RR T2B/5kg)
    Big Wave: 11.40 rxd
    Shaggy: 15.10 (10kg DB)
    Mark.I: 14.40 (5kg DB/RR T2B/5kg)
    Cam: 10.04 rxd
    Jake: 16.54 (10kg DB)
    Joni: 12.52 (7.5kg DB/RR T2B)
    Sarah.C: 13.20 (RR/T2B)

    1. Congrats Tan on the year past and the difference in your scores. Movement=>consistency=>intensity. You have listened, worked and achieved. Bring on 2011-2012 x

      1. Yes Tan – well done on your commitment, it’s a privilege to share the journey of people like yourself who have improved so much – you inspire me!

        1. Thanks Alli! Drum and you have played a big part in getting me to where I am now, you guys rock!

      2. Thanks Anna! And thanks for all the coaching and tips along the way, all have been very helpful!

  2. Woody ww
    Shoulder stuff then

    10min amrap double unders
    Red: 525 (pb on unbroken du 111 previous pb 63)

  3. Got nervous jitters and broke. Then I was amazed and had a case of the spaz and had many false starts to get going again.

  4. West winds
    Today’s wod had no rower so sub 20 cal row for 2min 16 kg SMHP = 60
    all the rest rxd

  5. 1 min skipping
    1 min squats
    1 min ab brace
    1 min rest

    5 rounds
    Score equals total squat and skipping reps per round.

    Liam: 61, 64, 54, 53, 65 (double unders)
    Emma: 123, 93, 92, 67, 60 (single skips)