WOD: Saturday

For time:

Row 1km

30 Thrusters, 50kg (35kg)

100 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

8 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Chops: 14.09 (35kg)
    Jess: 13.08 (20kg)

    Alex: 19.26 (20kg)

  2. West Winds (Fri WOD) 150 KB Swings/Box Jumps

    Anna 5.42/1 rxd
    David 11.02/6 rxd
    Phil 16.35/7 rxd

      1. I was blowing pretty hard aswell!! Been feeling great all day though! How did that cold shower treat you??

        1. I’d say it was a cold ‘splash’ rather than a shower, but thanks for crawling in the roof space for me!!

  3. Looks like I recorded it incorrectly.

    121 swings/10 jumps/29 swings. Made myself look AMAZING by mistake.