WOD: Saturday

5 Rounds for time of:

4 Muscle-ups

6 Power Snatch, 40kg (30kg)

Run 200m

Post time to comments.

5 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Leandra: 13.02 (JPU/Push/7kg)
    Chops: 13.05 (jump – 1st round rxd)
    DJ Dave: 10.00 (jump)
    Bags: 12.39 (orange/orange/25kg)
    Lisa.N: 13.35 (green/purple/22.5kg)
    Brett: 10.32 (jump)
    Russ: 8.58 rxd
    Yaro: 9.13 rxd
    Julie: 18.31 (PU/RD/25kg)

    Cam: 11.41 rxd
    Phantom: 13.01 (jump)
    Jo: 13.08 (purple/PU)
    Tom: 11.52 rxd
    Jake: 11.23 (30kg)

    Stoked to see so many rxd muscle-ups on this chilly morning!

  2. Uni Gym 3.30pm
    For time:
    30 strict pull ups
    30 push press 60kg
    Every time you break 5 burpees
    1km row

    Brett: 12.27 50kg push press
    Russ: 10.31 rxd

    1. The “Grunt Brothers” in a sneaky Saturday arvo WOD. It would have been a Grunt Symphony!
      Nice work boys.