WOD: Saturday

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

20m Walking Lunge

20 Double-unders.

Post rounds to comments.

4 Responses

  1. WoD Results

    Matt:14+15m rxd
    Lisa.N: 6 (attempts)
    Mel: 10 (singles)
    Ben: 9+20+15 (singles) – 15 min workout. Welcome to XF42s!
    James: 8 (singles) – 15 min workout. Welcome to XF42s!
    Julie: 17 rxd
    Bags: 12+15m (singles)
    Shaggy: 10+15 rxd
    Razor: 15+15 rxd
    Slats: 12+20+18 (singles and attempts)

    Nikki6: 15+18 (singles)
    Kate: 12+20m rxd
    Tom: 13+10m rxd
    Lisa: 11 (singles)
    Sandi: 15+15m rxd
    Lauren: 14+10 (singles)
    Richo: 18+20m+11 rxd
    Shaun: 7+13m (attempts)
    Yaro: 10+20m+9 rxd
    Russ: 11 rxd
    Liam: 15+20m+5 rxd
    Emma.N: 11+8 (singles)
    Tan: mobility.

    Front Squat Play
    Russ: 100kg
    Anna: 80kg

    9.30am Strategy Workshop
    Karen Young
    Lisa Nelsen
    Kate Fielding
    Lauren Bleathman
    Thank you for your efforts and thinking skills used this morning used to set some great strategies. Thanks also for the genuine support you provided to one another while learning this new skill. Great work team.

  2. Everyone look the f#*k out…

    Showtime is going to Zumba fitness on wednesday, to prove that even I can whip the trainer who is taking the session (mate at school).

  3. Yellow card Showtime – family website!

    On another note… you have a mate who is in year 12 and is a Zumba instructor?

  4. Apologies, will remember in the future.

    And yes I do, he thoroughly believes it is the fitness of the future. So naturally I have to go destroy him at it!