Today’s 0800 workshop will be an open gym. Come in and work on a goat or catch-up on a WOD.

Choose your own adventure…

Option A.
Run Workout
4 rounds of:
Run “the block” (637m) at 80% then go straight into a 400m hard.
Rest 5 min – perform 200m easy jog during the 5 min rest.
It is recommended finishing the 400m hard interval, rest for 30 sec allowing the heart rate to come down then perform the easy 200m easy jog. The 200m easy jog should take about 2 min.

Option B.
Assault Bike or Row Workout
12 min
3 min rest
9 min
2 min rest
6 min
1 min rest
3 min
Details: Each interval is its own separate event. Each interval is broken up into thirds (easy, moderate, hard). As example, the 12 min has a 4 min easy row, 4 min moderate row, 4 min hard row. The pacing is reset after every interval. The key to this workout is the easy is EASY and the hard is HARD.