WOD: Saturday

Gym Skills at Kingborough Sports Centre at 7.30am – see you there!

Please note that due to the Gym Skills session there will be NO morning sessions at CF42s.

Coach Jess – free legal advice…get on it.

6 Responses

    1. Such an embarrassing headline. FYI no such proclamation was made in the interview!

  1. Hypothetically , what would one do if some one put 50 kg of cocaine in there back pack while in south america and got caught by the police? ….. Hypothetically of course.

    1. Hypothetically, I’d give that person a high five… through the bars of the cell that they would be spending the rest of their life in.

  2. Thanks to everyone who came to the gym skills session on Saturday – hope you loved the high bar fall back! Please let me know if you have any specific skills you want to hit in our next session (the last one for the year). Alli 🙂