WOD: ‘Nancy’

5 rounds for time of:
Run 400m
15 Overhead squats, 42.5kg (30kg)

Post time to comments.

6 Responses

  1. OMG – I am going to do this because I hate OHS as I am crap at them and because I need to balance out my core after wiping myself out on the GHD. Mental game today.

  2. WOD Results:
    Doc: 31.02 (20kg)
    A cold, lonely WOD for Doc. Well done mate.

    12 noon:
    Miles: 21.14 (25kg)
    Alex: 22.42 (16kg)

    Drummond: 14.24 rxd

    Chops: 19.21 (5kg)
    Tania: 23.06 (5kg)
    Emily: 24.25 (16kg)
    Peter: 15.39 (5kg)

  3. 2.30pm West Winds
    Anna: 13.11 (20kg)
    A cold, lonely WOD for Anna that killed her wrists and stomach muscles – she is officially crap at OHS. Goal #1 to do Nancy as rxd by Oct. See you Thurs DW.

  4. Oh, I miss you guys already! Someone sub in for my exams and I’ll come do WODs instead? Well done on great results!

  5. Smashed me!

    If we all look ahead 4 months imagine our results! Keep it up everyone.