WOD: Monday

Get yourself outside. Head to the beach or maybe even up the mountain.

Run as far as you can in 15 minutes.

Rest 2 minutes and then back track.

Attempt to get back to your starting place in a quicker time.

Post time difference and location to comments.

8 Responses

  1. On a belly full of good cheer:

    South Hobart and Cascade Brewery
    00:57 quicker on the return.

  2. 10 rds
    300m run
    5 hang power cleans 35kg
    5 front squats 35kg

    no timer just got in and did it.

  3. 9am
    Strict Press 1rm
    Cam: 62.5kg
    Razor: 52.5kg

    Push Press 1rm
    Cam: 80kg
    Razor: 67.5kg

    Push Jerk 1rm
    Cam: 87.5kg
    Razor: 70kg

    Simon – 12 days of Christmas
    54.18 (90kg/40kg/negatives


    Primrose Sands Beach
    From shack to end of beach and back 30 secs slower (12mins out)

  4. 3Km-ish kayak, into the wind & current at southport. (Plus a small play on an island beach)
    50ish minutes – max, meg & son

  5. 5:00pm 27.12.11

    Queens Walk and Cornelian Bay Cemetery loop: 13 mins out, 12 mins back. 1 min rest.
    Stopped clock for 1 min at 6 min mark for rolled ankle… idiot!