WOD: Monday

Reminder: The trial Summer Timetable starts today!

Team WOD! – come in to find out.

Update 7pm:
In teams of two, with only one teammate working at any time, complete three sets for max reps of:
3 Minutes of Pull-ups
Rest 2 Minutes
3 Minutes of Thrusters, 42.5kg/30kg
Rest 2 Minutes
3 Minutes of Kettlebell Swings, 32kg/24kg
Rest 2 Minutes

Post total reps achieved to comments.

14 Responses

  1. 7am:
    3 rounds for time of:
    3 Clean, 95kg
    4 Ring Handstand Push-ups

    Russ: 9.12 (85kg)
    Razor: 11.20 (65kg/HSPU)
    Drum: 14.19 (paralette 4″ HSPU)

    1. Oops that was actually 7 rounds – sorry Russ.
      He just texted me crying a river.

  2. Just putting it out there- does anyone else find a 5.30 session too difficult to get to?
    The trial timetable is great in that the 6.15am is now 6 but the option of doing an end of day session is now severely limited – especially to those of us that work through till 5.30. A later session perhaps 6pm even on alternate nights might provide another option- thoughts?..

  3. Tasha… I agree… A 6pm (or even 5.45) instead of the 5.30pm session would be awesome! Late enough for those that work til 5.30 to still train in the evenings.

    1. I gotta agree mate, Its sometimes difficult for Sarah and I to leave work a little early every afternoon to make the 530 class…545 would be perfect.