WOD: Monday

Good luck to Yaro who leaves for China tomorrow to train at the Beijing International School of Arts.

Floor Press – build up to a heavy triple


For max reps:
5 minutes of Double-unders
4 Minutes of Kettlebell Swings, 24kg/16kg
3 Minutes of Pull-ups
2 Minutes of Box-jumps, 24”/20”
1 Minute of Burpees

Post total reps to comments.

Compare to last time here.

Nutrition Q&A last Friday night…

6 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    (3RM Floor Press/Total reps)

    Matt: 100kg/429 rxd
    Phantom: 70kg/232 rxd
    Bove: 70kg/274 rxd
    Leisha: 45kg/360 (orange)
    Lisa.N: 40kg/200 (row/purple/sit-up)
    Lindsey (Benchy): 50kg/269 (purple)
    Sarah: 40kg/637 (single/green)
    Martin: 73.5kg/525 (single/green)
    Alex: 70kg/280 rxd

    Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30
    Drum: 125kg/90kg/127.5kg/80kg/128.5kg/75kg
    Russ: 100kg/80kg/105kg/60kg
    Anna: 87.5kg/65kg/87.5kg/60kg/88.5kg/52.5kg
    Jimmy: 127.5kg/90kg/127.5kg/80kg

    Huge effort by AS. There are men who would be proud to have those numbers. Inspiring.

    12 noon:
    Slats: prep WOD
    Slayer: 87.5kg/370 rxd (32kg)
    Phantom: clean tech
    Nick Coleman: 110kg/278 rxd
    Ash: 70kg/356 rxd
    Jason: 87.5kg/173 rxd
    Juanita: 45kg/269 (12kg/13″)
    Nikki6: 95kg/400 rxd (32kg)
    Eve: 40kg/258 (orange)
    Nick: 75kg/273 rxd
    Tommi.G: 72.5kg/267 rxd
    Steve: 65kg/139 (blue)
    Simon: 70kg/454 rxd
    Rob: 65kg/244 (jump)

    Leandra: 37.5kg/263 (purple/sit-ups)
    Codi: 46kg/216 (16kg)
    Tan: 37.5kg/349 (purple)
    Weg: 115kg/236 rxd
    Sparta: 120kg/385 rxd
    Kate: 42.5kg/397 rxd
    Le’Roy: 115kg/379 rxd
    Jake: 75kg/414 rxdYaro: 80kg/420 rxd
    Sonya: 45kg/313 rxd
    Nic: 90kg/248 rxd
    Shaggy: 50kg/337 rxd

    Brett: 115kg/487 rxd
    Nick.W: 90kg/429 rxd
    Chris: 100kg/349 rxd
    Murph: 75kg/279 (20kg/orange)
    Cat: 40kg/946 (singles/jump)
    Brad: 90kg/192 (green)
    Edwin: 100kg/348 rxd
    Tom: 115kg/444 rxd
    Shell: 40kg/390 (green)
    Big Wave: 120kg/371 rxd
    Eleni: 45kg/274 (12kg/green)
    Sarah.R: 45kg/420 (singles/jump)
    Jose: 100kg/363 rxd
    Sarah.S: 223 (12kg RR/jump/13″)
    Timmy: 75kg/618 (singles/purple/20kg)
    Kyle: 70kg/481 rxd
    Frank: 105kg/740 (singles)
    Rodney: 130 (12kg RR/purple/20″)
    Jono: 77.5kg/319 (20kg/green)

    Alain: 85kg/245 rxd
    Karen: 50kg/729 (singles/12kg RR/ring row/step-ups/sit-ups)
    Cam: 85kg/581 rxd
    Liam.W: 120kg/160 rxd
    Scotty: 80kg/213 (purple)
    Tasha: 42.5kg/540 (single/green)
    Jaci: 50kg/293 (sit-ups/green)
    Adam.M: 70kg/259 (orange)
    Razor: 85kg/557 rxd
    Lukey: 80kg/450 rxd
    Ally: 22.5kg/483 (12kg/singles/jump)
    Mark.I: 55kg/137 (green)

    1. Thanks DW! It must have been Jimmy’s new shorts. Soon I won’t be able to tell you guys apart! Great session.

      1. As we discussed this morning, i meant to tell you orange not purple.
        Thanks : )

  2. Goodluck Yaro…look forward to training with you again mate. Awesome AS….I am one if those guys 🙂