WOD: Monday

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Strict Pull-ups

10 Kettlebell Swings, 24kg (16kg)

20 Double-unders

Post rounds completed to comments.

11 Responses

  1. BIG congratulations to Anna and Drum on your amazing performances over the weekend – you are both inspirational! Thank you for representing our boxes so well and also for competing fully clothed – look out girls, some amazing naked pull up action is about to hit utube!

  2. Dito Emily, Congrats Anna and Drum, awesome performances and time, truly inspiring. Emily I just dont agree with the clothing bit! Seriously were you thinking?

  3. Awesome work Anna and Drum, was very inspirational watching you both smash those tough WODs over the weekend, well done.

    Oh Em, please don’t remind me of the naked pull ups… seeing them once was more than enough!

    1. Are we talking full on birthday suit here or just underwear without courtesy shorts, Russell Kapper style?

  4. 6.15am:
    Martin: 6+5+10+4 (blue/16kg/Bar Taps)
    Sarah: 8+2 (purple/12kg/BT)
    Matt: 11+4 rxd
    Jules: 10+1 rxd
    Alex: 7+5+10+2 rxd
    Razor: 13+1 rxd
    Lindsey: 10+5+5 (green)
    Yaro: 11+5+10+2 rxd

    Chops: 12+5+2 rxd

    Ash: 8+5+10+7 rxd
    Mark: 7+5+10+2 (orange)
    Kate B: 9 (orange)
    Frank: 11+5+10+18 (16kg/sub situps)
    Sonya: 9+5+3 rxd
    Eve: 10+2 (green)
    Leandra: 6+5+10+2 (green)
    Tom G: 9 (purple/BT)
    Simon: 11+3 (20kg)
    Nikki6: 13 rxd

  5. 5:15pm:

    Steve: 7+5+5 (blue, 2x singles)
    Edwin: 10+5+10 rxd
    Spartacus: 11+5 rxd
    Le’roy: 12+5 rxd
    Jose: 10+1 (2x singles)
    Kyle: 11+4 rxd
    Chris: 11+2 rxd
    Nick W.: 11+5 rxd
    Mel W.: 10+5+10 (jumping, 12kgRR)
    Jono: 11+2 (orange/jumping)
    Bove: 4 rounds rxd, 3 rounds+5+9 (purple)
    Nick: 9 rxd
    Slayer: 10+5 rxd

    Brett the Threat: 4x400m (10kg vest) & mobility

    Big Wave Dave: 11+5+9 rxd
    Liam: 11+5+9 (purple, 16kg)
    Sarah C.: 5+3 (jumping, 12kg, attempts, 2x singles)
    Tan: 8+5+4 (green)
    Karen: 11+100m+1 (sub 100m row for PUs, 16kgRR, 2x singles)
    Steph: 11 (purple)
    Alain: 9+5+5 rxd
    Alli: 9+5 (jumping, 12kg, attempts/2x singles)
    Adam M.: 8+4 (purple/green)

    Forget something Nick W? Don’t worry mate, it’s in a safe place!