WOD: Monday

Kipping Pull-up Workshop


5km Run for time.

Definition of Cherry picking: one who looks at the WOD and then decides based on the exercises, if she or he will come to class or not.

Are you a Cherry Picker?

Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

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  1. WOD results:

    Martin: 40.33
    Sarah: kipping pull-up drills
    Julie: 22.30
    Alex: 26.05
    Leisha: 24.50
    Tom.G: 25.07

    Well done to the athletes who showed courage and turned up on a cold Monday morning to hit the WOD.

    CrossFit Games Regional WOD 4
    For time:
    100 Pull-ups
    100 Kettlebell Swings, 24kg
    100 Double-unders
    100 Overhead Squats, 42.5kg

    Russ: 26.55 rxd
    Jimmy: 25.11 rxd
    Chops: 32.46 (30kg)

    12 noon:
    Cam: 25.01 (rest for hammie)
    Simon: 21.09
    Leandra: 30.10
    Sonya: 24.444
    Rob: 21.47
    Ash: 22.55
    Nick: 26.13
    Kate.B: 29.07
    Mark: 21.14
    Frank: 19.12 (Row)
    Jerka: 20.59

    Edwin: 24.29
    Spartacus: 23.18
    Steano: 25.04
    Chris: 25.56
    Craig: 25.18
    Slayer: 20.47

    Liam: 23.50
    Brett: 24.59
    Sarah.C: 23.00
    Tan: 32.44
    Adam.M: 22.22
    Eve: 28.20
    Kyle: 21.51
    Jaci: 25.11
    Steph: 29.37
    Adam: 20.44
    Alain: 24.22
    Ally: 25.02 (row)
    Karen: 24.10 (row)

  2. Not cherry picking, really truly sick as a dog 🙁 Although it does sound like a horrid WOD!

  3. I wish I knew in advance what we were going to do today DW. May have had second and third thoughts! man that was tough. Well done to James and Chops you boys smashed it! Great judging AS and DW.

  4. I was planned not to pick this cherry….but what the hell count me in!

  5. Why does everyone hate running so much? It’s a good thing we talked about the Pose running technique on Friday – remember: stance and foot strike!

    1. I dont hate running, i dispise it, but in saying that, i will certainly be doing this WOD

  6. Tasty little workout…massive amount of epoc going on..nice work chops and russ, thanks drum and anna

  7. Back Squat 85kg
    Overhead Squat 40kg
    Overhead Squat, 20kg

    Delicious cherry.