WOD: Monday

5 x 400m Row

Perform max effort ring-dips between row efforts.

Post times and ring-dip reps to comments.

Doc takes a moment to reflect on his efforts…

8 Responses

  1. 6:30am:

    1:15 / 17, 1:20 / 13, 1:25 / 11, 1:23 / 11, 1:23 / 11

    Dips on bars – no rings.

  2. WOD results:

    Chops: 1:17.7/3rxd+8 purple, 1:21.2/1rxd+8 purple, 1:26.6/1rxd+8 purple, 1:23.0/7 purple, 121.5/1rxd+9 purple.
    Leigh: 1:16.2/5rxd, 1:21.8/6 rxd+8 orange, 1:23.0/5rxd+6 orange SPEW!, 1:20.9/4rxd+6 orange, 1:19.6/2rxd+6 orange.

    Well done Lee for producing the first spew for the box. Remember: It must have chunks to count.

    12 noon:
    Peter: 1:22.3/5rxd+10purple, 1:24.7/3rxd+ 6purple, 1:23.9/1rxd+4 purple, 1:24.8/2rxd+5 purple, 1:25.5/2rxd+4 purple.
    Alex: 1:22.6/5 purple, 1:31.2/7 green, 1:37.8/8 green, 1:37.7/6 green, 1:33.4/7 green.

    Tania: 1:36.7/15 push-ups from knees, 1:45.0/10, 1:48.4/12, 1:43.2/10, 1:39.6/10
    Miles: 1:14.9/6rxd+8 purple, 1:17.7/6rxd+7 purple, 1:23.8/5rxd+6 purple, 1:18.6/2rxd+5 purple, 1:20.5/5rxd+6+19 burpees
    Jess:1:19.2/3rxd+9 purple,1:27.5/3rxd, 1:30.7/1rxd, 1:27.8/2rxd+10 purple, 1:26.8/2rxd+7 purple.
    Caitlin: 1:31.7/10 purple, 1:41.9/10 purple, 1:41.6/8 purple, 1:38.3/12 purple, 1:37.1/8 purple.
    Adam:1:16.6/20 green, 1:22.5/19 green, 1:21.3/13, 1:24.9/13 purple, 1:23.6/13 purple.

    1. I was in a world of hurt until about 12pm!!
      I cant believe you dont count my spew!
      There was alot more water coming out than what went in!

      1. Lol! DW: “Remember: It must have chunks to count.”
        Putting that in the Uni magazine article!!

  3. Good work leigh! Might try slowing down on that warm milk! No good for the guts!

  4. Hold tight everyone – official spew bucket takes place of residency tomorrow.