WOD: Monday

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean Thrusters, 20kg (15kg) Dumbbells
Toes Through Rings

Post time to comments.

9 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Wesley: 9.06 (7.5kg DB Thruster)
    Razor: 6.31 (10kg DB)
    Mike: 7.54 (15kg DB)
    Matt: 8.40 (15kg DB/GHD)
    Simon: 11.14 (10kg DB)
    DJ Dave: 10.18 (40kg bar)
    Leisha: 7.47 (5kg DB/RR TTR)
    Bove: 11.01 (10kg DB)
    Em: 6.55 (5kg DB/v-ups)
    Lisa.N: 11.18 (10kg DB/HK)
    Phantom: 10.13 (15kgDB)
    Alex: 10.18 (15kg DB)

    CrossFit Games Open WOD 11.4
    Yaro: 0+60+5 rxd PB
    Julie: 0+60+23 rxd PB
    Chops: 0+60+7 rxd
    Drum: 1 +23 rxd PB
    Thanks to Russ and Anna from CrossFit Works for cheering us on and also being our judges!

    12 noon:
    Jerka: 7.25 (10kg DB)
    Nikki6: 6.32 (15kg DB)
    Doc: 7.56 (10kg DB)
    Brad the bus driver: 14.51 (15kg DB)
    Kate.B: 9.00 (7.5kg DB/HK)
    Jono: 7.46 (10kg DB)
    Martin: 7.56 (5kg DB/V-up)
    Karen: 6.19 (5kg DB/V-up)
    Eve: 7.10 (7.5kg/HK)
    Leandra: 8.30 (7.5kg DB/HK)

    Nick: 11.49 (15kg DB)
    Lindsey: 11.59 (10kg DB)
    Cam: 6.47 (10kg DB)
    Chris: 8.36 (10kg DB)
    Nick.W: 6.33 (10kg DB)
    Mark: 4.42/5.00 (10kg 1 arm DB/v-up)
    Big Wave: 9.28 rxd
    Rob: 10.23 (10kg DB)
    Slayer: 9.07 (15kg DB)
    Slats: 11.57 rxd
    Le’Roy: 8.02 (15kg DB)
    Boonie: 9.40 rxd

    Tan: 10.55 (10kg DB/HK)
    Yaro: 9.36 rxd
    Lisa: 6.42 (5kg DB/HK)
    Sonya: 14.12 rxd
    Adam.M: 11.28 (10kg DB)
    Ben: 10.45 (15kg DB)
    Daniel: 15.35 (7.5kg DB/RR TTR)
    5 laps around the block:
    Ally: 24.28
    Leisha: 16.12

        1. Mate, the worst WOD I’ve ever done! Didn’t get off the floor for 15mins. I cried!!

          1. That is Ok Steve…..at least you didn’t have a tantrum and kick the wall! That is what goes on down Hobart way….