WOD: Monday

5 rounds for max load/reps of:-

Overhead Squat, 5 reps

Ring Push-ups, max reps

Rest as required between rounds

Post loads and reps per round to comments.

3 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Bags: bar work
    Shaggy: bar work
    Razor: bar work
    Phantom: bar work
    DJ Dave: bar work
    Big Wave: 50kg/22, 60kg/25, 60kg/24, 60kg, 60kg
    Ms Building: 30kg/14, 35kg/9, 35kg/8, 35kg/7, 37.5kg/4
    Julie: back squat: 70kg/14, 70kg/16, 75kg/14, 75kg/15, 80kg/10
    Spartacus: 60kg

    12 noon:
    Russ: 70kg/40
    Sonya: bar work
    Alex: 45kg/25, 45kg/15, fail/10
    Jane.7: bar work
    Nikki6: 70kg/22, 70kg/12, fail/15

    Cam: Back Squat: 70kg/21, 70kg/16, 70kg/16, 70kg/16, 70kg/16

    Max rep Overhead Squat 20kg bar/max push-ups:
    Skeletor: 8/25, 11/21, 9/19
    Showtime: 18/21, 13/17, 11/15, 7/17, 10/15

    3 rounds for time of:
    20 Kettlebell Swings, 24kg
    30 Wall Ball, 10kg
    40 Push-ups

    Bags: 24.00 (16kg/3kg/knees)
    Razor: 14.38 (20kg)
    Phantom: 17.31 rxd
    Shaggy: 12.28 (16kg/6kg/knees)
    Kate.B: 10.55 (8kg/Squat/Knees)

    Emily: 30kg/13, 30kg/13, 30kg/13, 30kg/16, 30kg/8
    Tania: 25kg/9, 25kg/10, 25kg (5F)/11, 25kg (5F)/11, 25kg/9
    Slayer: 35kg/25, 35kg/14, 35kg/15, 35kg/21, 35kg/22
    Lukey: 20kg/30, 25kg/25, 30kg/25
    Slats: Row/bar work
    Jess: Bench Press: 25kg/11, 30kg/10, 35kg/7, 30kg/6, 35kg/8

  2. West Winds
    2.15 pm

    Anna: 31/29, 33.5/25, 36/22, 38.5/18, 41/16
    Red: 51/31, 53.5/24, 56/25, 58.5/20, 60 x 4/shoulder injury

  3. amberley- tuesday1.30pm pedro: 60/20,65/16,70(only got 3reps) /15,65/10,65/10 (regular push up)