WOD: Monday

For time:

75 Overhead Squat, 50kg (35kg) in as few sets as possible.

Everytime you break Run 200m.

Post time and sets to complete to comments.

10 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Kala: 15.58 (5kg)/5
    Em: 9.08 (5kg)/3
    Big Wave: 6.37 rxd/3
    DJ Dave: bar work
    Chops: 14.19 (25kg)/6
    Stef: 8.25 rxd/4
    Kate: 22.03 (30kg)/9
    Bove: 27.35 (30kg)/9

    3 rounds for time of:
    5 Box cleans 16kg
    10 ring rows
    Row 400m
    Tony: 14:54

    12 noon:
    Alex: 25.19 (30kg/, 14 @ 40kg)/10

    Showtime: 5.51 (16kg)/1
    Callum: 7.25 (7kg)/3
    Alex.S: 6.18 (20kg)/3
    Nikki: 8.40 (35kg)/4
    Le’Roy: 9.10 (40kg)/3
    Cam: 9.47 (35kg)/3

    Pete: 24.00 (20kg/7kg)/12
    Julie: 4.46 (20kg)/2
    Lisa: 6.52 (16kg)/3
    Adam: 7.53 (40kg)/3
    Lukey: 8.13 (20kg)/4
    Heather: 8.36 (7kg)/4 (sub row)
    Steph: 9.02 (18.5kg)/4
    Tania: 17.31 (20kg)/6
    Karen: 3.36 (20kg Back Squat Sub)/2
    Shaun: 10 min AMRAP: 25 Squat, Run 200m: 3

  2. West Winds
    2.30 pm

    Red 21.28 (40 kg)/9
    Anna 12.26 (30 kg)/5

    …..actions speak louder than crocs, guys!

  3. Hey, i like Rockin out with my Crocs out!!
    At least i was at home working on my OHS rather than sitting on the couch watching TV!
    I might even wear them for my next WOD at the box!

    Good work on todays WOD Anna! Couldnt Red push you to 35kg??

    1. Might try 35 kg when no-one can hear my bad language.
      I will croc it up with you sometime at the box, Chops! All the fashionistas can look and learn.