Part A.
Back Squat 5×3

Part B.
On the minute, every minute for 14 minutes:
Even minutes: 5 Front Squats @ 50% of Part A
Odd minutes: 20 seconds max effort of Bar Muscle-ups

Post loads from Part A and Bar Muscle-up reps from Part B to comments.

Josh or “Gish” would call in and train with us when in Hobart. A nicer more genuine bloke you could not find. It is cruel and sad thing that such a good man could be taken all too soon. Josh’s passing saved four lives as he was an organ donor. This is why we will honour him as the hero and champion bloke he was.
CF42s will be running this WOD on the 29th April – We will be asking all athletes who participate on the day to make a donation to Josh’s wife Amanda and their unborn baby.