WOD: Monday


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, 42.5kg (30kg)

Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

Doc uses his deadlift technique to recover ‘Old Blue’ after becoming stuck checking the surf on the weekend.

4 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Chops: 8.27 rxd
    Julie: 6.53 (Deadlift 60kg/green)
    Dave: 8.10 (blue)
    Em: 10.01 (20kg/blue)
    Doc: 13.26 (green)
    Alex: 12.20 (green)
    Bove: 11.40 (green)

    3 rounds for time of:
    20 KB SDHP @16kg
    30 Ring-pulls
    40 Step overs
    Tony: 23.40

    12 noon:
    Jane: 12.26 (16kg/green)
    Sonya: 9.57 (16kg/green)
    Emily: 10.40 (purple)
    Karen: 8.03 (16kg/blue-jump)

    “Firefighter Fran”
    Today’s WOD in full firey turn out and breathing apparatus.
    Richo: 6.24 rxd
    Pilk: 5.51 rxd

    Kate: 8.58 (25kg/purple)
    Stef: 5.06 rxd
    Stevo: 4.54 rxd
    8.19 (30kg/purple)
    Le’Roy: 12.32 rxd
    Alex.S: 13.53 (20kg/purple)

    Jack: 10.50 rxd
    Joe: 8.04 (20kg/green)
    Sam: 9.40 (25kg/green)
    Heather: 4.20 (7kg/jump)
    Steph: 9.08 (22.5kg/blue)
    Adam: 9.23 rxd
    Tania: 11.30 (25kg/blue)

  2. West Winds 1.30 pm

    Complete five rounds of:
    Deadlift, 3 reps
    Max rep Handstand push-ups

    100 kg/3(R.R), 100/4(R.R), 100/5(R.R), 102.5/6(R.R), 105/6(R.R)

  3. peeps.

    5.30 rxd

    vision started going dark on last lot of pu’s. Random guy asked me if i needed to go to medical afterwards. lol