WOD: Monday

For max load:
Part A: (10 min) Run 1km. In the remaining time Deadlift as many reps as possible.
Part B: (10 min) Run 1km. In the remaining time perform as many ground to overhead reps as possible.

Once you have selected a weight for each part of the workout, it may not be changed. You may change your weight between Part A and Part B only. The clock will not stop between segments.

Post weight choices for each part and total load moved to comments.

Thanks to Coastal CrossFit for the WOD.

7 Responses

  1. WOD Results:
    (deadlift reps x weight + ground to overhead reps x weight = total load moved)

    Julie: 54×40+28×20=2720
    Anna: 53×60+40×30=4380
    Doc: 45×80+20×45=4500
    Kala: 44×36+10×16=1744 (500m run)
    Em: 54×36+25×16=2355 (500m run)
    Alex: 54x 70+15×30=4230
    Chops: 43×80+25×40=4420

    Modified Fight Gone Bad:
    Tony: 74/75/80= 229

    Andrea: 30×40+15×16=1440 (push press)
    Richo: 62×100+26×45=7370
    Sandi: 46×50+19×25=2775

    12 noon:
    Stevo: 82×80+57×40=8840
    Drum: 72×100+38×50=9100 (sub row)
    Alex: skills

    Cam: 50×60+16×40=3640
    Le’Roy: 48×90+27×40=5400
    Callum: mod KB
    Andrew.F: mod KB

    Adam: 40×80+15×40=3800
    Emily: 51×50+18×25=3000
    Jack: 40×80+20×40=4000
    Tania: 26×50+17×20=1640
    Steph: 32×50+21×20=2040

  2. What a wicked WoD! Tip for young players- Go lighter on the D’Lifts – your spinal erectors will thank you after the first run and then you might not need a wheel chair for your second.

  3. Yeah guys punishment was dished out! You always feel as soon as you finish that more reps should have been completed.

    Anna you smashed the run!

    1. I had to try and make up some time somewhere as you guys went crazy on the lifts.

      AND ………..I would have been like fully sick faster, but I had to catch Alex “rolling” back down the Edge driveway. I think I lost like 2 mins! Then I had to stop in disbelief and watch Alex change his weights over for the C+J as he didn’t set them up right and lost 2 mins of lift time! Thanks heaps Alex!

      I nearly started crying in those D’Ls. It felt like I was lifting 160 kg (not that I actually know what it feels like to lift that weight). Maybe I could blame Alex for that too?

  4. RAAF Wagga
    Pearso: (70 x 60) + (21 x 40) = 5040
    Where the F are all the Amberley boys?