WOD: Monday


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Handstand Push-up



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Check out this free CrossFit Journal article which discusses the origin of Hero WOD’s.

The Hard’nup Challenge 2010 – thanks to CrossFit Brisbane.

6 Responses

  1. WOD results:
    DK= donkey kicks
    R= restricted range
    N= Negatives
    HS= handstand to wall
    Purp= purple band
    Gr= green band
    Or= Orange band
    Toes= ring dips from toes
    Kn= push-ups from knees

    Emma: 20.40 (DK/Toes/Kn)
    Red: 19.24 (R)
    Bove: 12.02 (HS/Purp)
    Doc: 19.22 (HS/Gr)

    12 noon:
    Richard: 6.50 (Sub Push Press 16kg/KB SDHP 12kg)
    Sandi: 8.34 (R/N/Purp/Kn)
    Richo: 13.28 (R/N/Or)
    Debbie: 8.17 (HS/Gr/kn)
    Sue: 8.14 (DK/KB SDHP 12kg/balistrating PU)
    Alli: 8.57 (R/N/Gr/Kn)
    Alex: 8.34 (R/Purp)

    21-15-9 reps for time of:
    Press 7kg
    KB deadlift 12kg
    Row 400m
    Tony 22.58

    Andrew.F: 13.49 (DK/Gr/Kn)
    Callum: 12.38 (DK/Gr/Kn)
    Le’Roy: 14.15 (R/N)
    Stef: 13.52 (sub due injury: 3 rounds for time of: 50 Back Ex, Walking Lunge 20m 50 Squats)

    Julie: 8.55 (DK/Gr/Kn)
    Tania: 8.39 (HS/Gr)
    Kate: 8.39 (R/N/Purp/Kn)
    Steph: 7.27 (HS/dips/Kn)

  2. Team RAAF back on board!!

    Peeps: 17.28 (R)(Dips – no rings)
    Pearso: 17.29 (R 1st round, then Neg)(Dips – no rings)