WOD: Monday

Part A.
Take 15 minutes to find a heavy 2RM Split Jerk

Part B.
150 Kettlebell Swings for time.
On the minute every minute perform 2 Rope Climbs.

Post load from part A and time from Part B to comments.






9 Responses

  1. On The Road WOD
    9 holes of burpee golf, 5 burpees for every shot. Total burpees 360. Ps shearwater golfers have no sense of humor 🙂 and I suck at golf. 

  2. 50,40,30,20,10 reps for time
    Double unders
    16kg kettle bell swings-

    Tabata push-ups – 11

  3. Thanks for the WOD drum! Public holiday in sunny Brisbane so no class here 🙁

    Didn’t have a rope so did 5 burpies instead. 12:11 with 24kg

    And hit 90kg lifting which is a PB so very happy 🙂