WOD: Monday

‘Tabata Mash-up’
Tabata Intervals (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times) is applied in turn to the Overhead Lunge (20kg/15kg), Abmat Sit-ups, Box-jumps (24″/16″), Russian Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg) and Double-unders with a one minute rotation break between exercises. Each exercise is scored by the weakest number of reps in each of the eight intervals. During the one minute rotation time allowed the clock is not stopped but kept running. The score is the total of the scores from the five stations.

Scoring Example:
A total score of 55 is determined by adding up the lowest number of reps in any set of each exercise.
12 Overhead Lunges,
10 Abmat Sit-ups,
13 Sit-ups,
8 Box-jumps,
12 Russian Kettlebell Swings.
This score is 55.

Post total score to comments.
Compare to last time here.

Hilux – busting his Blue Steel on the front page.






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    Great WOD today.

  2. Melbourne CBD crossfit
    Thrusters/sumo high pull dead lifts/ burpee pull ups
    13.51 rxd