WOD: Monday

Big Bretty “Breadoh” Samms leaves for the Army today to start a new career and an exciting new life. We’ll miss you mate.
Check out a montage of classic Brett moments on the CF42s Facebook page here.

Part A.
Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Part B:
In 3 minutes run 400m and in the remaining time complete as many reps as possible of Power Snatch, 40kg/30kg
Complete 3 cycles resting 2 minutes between efforts.

Post loads from Part A and reps from Part B to comments.






8 Responses

  1. You will smash it mate, as you do with everything you put your massive rig into! See you in the future mate, never give up!

  2. Hope youve been practicing ironing and scrubbing!!!

    And what kind of press?

    1. Push press – 60,70,70,75,75,80,85

      3 mins run 400m, power snatch rxd –
      12, 13, 16

  3. Enjoy bretty, Im on the bus to pucka at the moment, you’ll kill it. Play the game.

    And finally now I can join back into the crossfit scene, about fucking time.

  4. Good luck Breaddoh, we’ll be thinking of u legend. Come visit us soon