WOD: ‘Killer’

7 Rounds for time of:

15 Weighted Lunges (each leg) 20kg (15kg)

15 Kettlebell Swings, 24kg (16kg)

15 Push Ups

Post time to comments.

10 Responses

    1. You’re welcome Frotty.

      The real gift should arrive on Sunday when you can no longer walk! Enjoy Birthday Boy!

      1. Sunday is MY birthday, Drummond. Thanks for the awesome present!

        p.s. I think today was the beginning of our love-hate relationship.

        1. it really was a ‘killer’. i cant walk today. i got out of bed this morning and almost fell over, my legs couldnt hold my weight lol

  1. WOD results:

    Drummond: 16.30 rxd (Overhead weight lunges)

    Tania: 21.17 5kg/12kg/knees
    Jess: 19.36 15kg/16kg/knees
    Adam: 22.15 rxd
    Emily: 18.43 15kg/16kg/knees
    Allen: 21.42 20kg/24kg/knees

  2. Drummond, I am in a glass case of emotion after that workout! I left my pedometer up there, could you please grab it if you see it tomorrow? Thanks mate!

  3. Hey mate, good to see all is going well for you. I can’t believe that you unleashed ‘Killer’ on these unsuspecting people. Cruel. Chris.

  4. Miles 14.52. 20 and 20 dimbell swing to shoulder height. Squated to max 110 x 7 yesterday.