WOD: Friday

5 rounds for time of

400m Run

15 Power Clean 60kg (40kg)

Post time to comments.

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  1. Hey Drummond, site’s looking good mate!! I emailed your Fire Fighter Fran WOD link to the guys here at Boeing!! They’re suitably impressed!! When we eventually make it to Tassie I’ll be in for a workout and also for a surf at your hideaway!!


  2. P.s. When are you getting some shirts made?? I want one!! Your logo looks good for a dog-tag layout!! Maybe you could issue them to your foundation members as a memento or even as member sign on?? just a thought!

      1. Thanks Maren – have trained for two weeks now and feeling great for it!

  3. Trial Session at KSC results:

    As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
    6 Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)
    9 Push-ups
    12 Squats

    Miles: 13+6+2 (16kg)
    Allen: 7 rxd
    Tania: 8+6+9+7 (8kg)
    Jason: 12+5 (16kg)
    Kristen: 13 (12kg) sub PU with Rope pulls – injury
    Lyndon: 7+6 (8kg)