WOD: Friday

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Shoulder to Overhead, 50kg/35kg
Double-unders x2

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  1. Do you suffer from anxiety when you miss a wod? Do you have a nemesis at the box? if you are sitting at your computer at this very moment, when you should be working reading the times/loads and thinking yes to these questions. It could be that you have the condition now suffered by many crossfitters worldwide. Have you purchased a foam roller? Are you an adult who owns a skipping rope? If you answered yes to these questions I am afraid the affliction has entered into another stage. This can only be treated by sending me $100.00 for one crossfit psychosis t-shirt.

    Sorry Drum, just my first attempt at spam

  2. Regipnals wod #4

    Breadoh: 28.32 (32kg farmers carry)

    Only 11minutes and 32 seconds too slow