Bon voyage to our good mate and champion coach Razor who leaves for his big European adventure today.

Travel safe and live large mate – you’ll be missed.

Post your favourite thing about Razor to comments.

To the CrossFit community.
As most of you know, I am not the best writer (or speller) in the world, so I will try to do my best to make this as easy to read as possible.
A lot of people have written good-bye and farewell messages before, and most have done far better jobs at thanking everyone then I could ever contemplate on writing. But I thought I would give it a go anyway (it’s one of my biggest goats!). I would like to start by thanking the CrossFit community as a whole, I have been privileged enough to train/coach/eat and drink coffee with some of the finest athletes/ people I have ever met and if it wasn’t for you guys I would certainly not be where I am today.
There are far too many people I would love to write praise about, but it would take me many days to write such an epic novel. So this is just what comes off the top of my head.

Thanks JERKA, for giving me numbers to chase and times to (try) beat. Training with you has been one of my biggest motivations at CrossFit. Never have I seen such a small man with such a big heart.
Thanks CAM STUART, for being the most reliable mate I have ever had. Never have I had someone go so far out of their way to hang out with me, give me lifts home late at night (don’t tell the wife) and slap me on the ass every session without fail. All I can say mate is OOOOOHHHHH YYYYEEEEAAAHHH!!
Thanks CRIPPS FAMILY, though you are only new to the CrossFit community you guys have made a huge bang with your passion for crossfit and life. Thanks for coming and getting coffee with me after 50% of CrossFit sessions, hope to have many more in the future.
Thanks JACI BOLTON, for always inviting me on bushwalks and giving me lots of dental advice.
Thanks ALLI WILLIAMSON, without you we wouldn’t have a CrossFit community, I take my hat off to you for being able to handle Drum. You are an amazing women.
Thanks BRETT and JIMMY, two of the most dedicated trainers I have ever met, you two are shining examples of what CrossFit is and many people look up to you for inspiration of what can be achieved with true grit and determination, me included.
Thanks, JESS LYNDON, for being awersome!!!! Hahahaha, and putting up with my spelling and hand writing.
Thanks ALICE AGNEW and NED, unfortunately I have only meet you guys recently, but it has been fantastic meeting other CrossFitters who enjoy exploring the muddy, dirty and cold bits of Tassie. I am already excited about returning to tas so that the three amigos may go on many wilderness adventures together! Federation!!!!  
Thanks, Jonnie, Marky Mark (wink), Julian, Joel, Julie, Em.R, Laura, Chops, DJ, Alice, Ash and everyone else for being part of my life, cant wait to hang out more in the future!
Thanks, DRUM “insert the best and longest comment” you are amazing and without you I would probably not be in the fitness industry.
Thanks everyone, I love you guys very much and can’t wait to train in the future (plus have a returning party, heroes and villains?)

Yours Sincerely