WOD: Friday

3 rounds for time:

10 Squat Snatch 40kg (30kg)

15 Toes to Bar

20m Overhead Walking Lunge 20kg (15kg)

Post time to comments.

14 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Alex: 11.54 (21kg/15kg)
    Mel: 12.52 (10kg/HK/5kg)
    Russ: 9.39 rxd
    Richo: 13.05 (20kg/HK/20kg)
    Chops: 14.55 (20kg/HK/10kg)
    Jess: 12.40 (21kg)
    Andrew: 15.15 (25kg/HK/10kg)
    Le’Roy: 13.25 rxd

    Well done to the morning crew for tackling the squat snatch with due attention!

    For time:
    500m Run
    21-15-9 reps for time of:
    Sumo deadlift high pull 20kg
    Thruster 20kg
    500m Run
    Alli: 15.26

    Drum: 5.22 rxd

    Raffy: 14.22 (30kg/R.R-neg)
    Marvellous: 14.06 (R.R-neg)

      1. The monkey just about fainted at Uni! Just having a lie down now… might rethink doing WOD #2 today.

        DW, where’s YOUR 2.44 rxd Diane?

        1. oh no, you ok? thats really weird i was just at work talking to someone and completely zoned out, went all dizzy and had to go and sit down. it wasn’t that hard a workout was it??? drum what have you done to us??

          1. Maybe DW needs to run a nutrition class for you guys to make sure you replace all the required nutrients to make it through the days work!

    1. 4pm: at Elizabeth College

      Clean & Jerk 40kg (girls rxd)
      Starting at 1 rep, complete reps in on the minute every minute. Increase reps by +1 each round, until fail to complete reps in allocated time. Then go back down to 1.

      Jess: 7 rxd (failed on 8)

      It was the jerk that killed me! And perhaps this morning’s session.

      1. Drum – didn’t mean to put the smiley! It was an 8 and a bracket. Failed on 8 reps.

  2. If you ever wondered what a baby giraffe feels like when it’s learning to walk, do that WOD and I reckon you would be pretty close. 12.55rxd

    1. Mate last day at work, on the beers! You need to calm down big boy!

      My back is still pinched I got to rest it for next week. Plus GrinSpoon. Roller will not be happy if I miss that! You are going as well mate!!!!!

    1. Yeah I’m fine, thanks for the concern! (Or is it concern?!) Hope you managed to stay conscious at work today!