WOD: Friday

Running Clinic


Each for time:
Run 1.8km (3 laps of block)
Run 1.2km (2 laps of block)
Run 600m (1 lap of block)

Post times to comments.





8 Responses

  1. Today’s WOD with a 1km slowish jog for warm up:
    1.8km – Time: 7m 12s
    1.2km – Time: 4m 46s
    0.6km – Time: 2m 21s

    Avg pace: 3m 56s/km

  2. “Miagi”
    50 deadlifts 60kg
    50 KB swings 16kg
    50 Push ups
    50 taters 16kg
    50 Box Jumps 24″
    50 Wall Climbs
    50 Knees to elbows
    50 Double Unders
    35.08 minutes

  3. 6:00pm @ Crossfit MP

    For Total Reps:
    Run 200m
    4min Double Unders
    Run 200m
    3min Push-Ups
    Run 200m
    2min Sit-Ups
    Run 200m
    1min Squats
    Run 200m

    Total 494 – A few no reps by Millie