WOD: Friday

30 Muscle-ups for time.

If you do not have a muscle-up, we will be working on progressions and assistance drills, as well as a modified version of the workout.

Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

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12 Responses

  1. “Hey Dancey, I wanna be just like Julian….do I look like him, am I standing like him?”
    “Yeah mate, just close your mouth.”

  2. Dancey, how many more times do I need to tell you, STOP COUNTING OUT LOUD, youi’re putting off. For Farks sake, and GET OFF MY BOX PRICK!

  3. “Wow, I am dreaming I’m Crossfitting….!”

    “Wake up!”

    “Oh Shit”


    “for f#$k’s sake keeping standing on the box, or Drummond the gimp will escape”

  4. Richard had heard stories but never really believed it could be achieved by a newbie, now he was only a few wall balls away from joining the others in their crossfit trance.

  5. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………..if sleep on the ground during a warm-up, Drum will whip me. If i sleep standing on a box, he’ll never suspect a thing. ‘Dancey’ keep watch!

  6. Bove: “Best piss ever…..ooohhhh yeah……Dancey…seriously try it…..sword fight?”

    Dancey: “Um…..no Bove”

    Julian: “Don’t look….DO NOT LOOK”