WOD: Friday

4 rounds for time:

9 Clean and Jerk 60kg (40kg)

12 Ring-dips

15 Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)

Post time to comments.

Goodluck to Stevo who leaves for SAS selection course tomorrow. It’s been great having you train with us at CF42s mate and we know you’ll smash it! Stay in touch.

10 Responses

  1. Workout looks awesome today! Rest day for me today though.
    Good Luck Stevo, go hard!

    Great job on the bathroom yesterday, Red. Didn’t know you were so talented.

  2. WOD results:

    Alex: 24.29 (50kg/purple)
    Andrew: 17.43 (40kg/green)
    Steph: 12.05 (20kg/dips/12kg)

    Alli: 18.11 (30kg/green)
    Drum: 11.14 rxd
    Emily: 15.40 (31kg/Green/16kg)

    Chops: 12.20 (50kg/Purple)
    Jess.W: 14.04 (20kg/Green/12kg)
    Raffy: 17.07 (16kg/Green/12kg)
    Tania: 18.58 (27.5kg/Green/16kg restrict range)
    Russ: 11.36 rxd
    Adam: 18.06 (50kg/Purple)

  3. raaf richmond 2pm

    20.15 – 50kg (ring dips and kettlebells as rxd)

    Ring dips smashed me.

  4. Thanks DW and everyone (except you DOC!) having had the pleasure to meet and train with you all these past few weeks. Hopefully our paths won’t cross again, but if they do, please throw some friendly banter my way! Joking Doc – I love ya!

    Stevo’s Quote: Most of us past through life, never tested, weighed or measured to our full potential, He who finds himself wanting and prepared to endure pain, shall stand tall and have the ability to tackle life like a Silver Back Gorilla!

    That’s for you DW! 😉

  5. Great workout today DW! And was an awesome effort by the 5pm group!
    Stevo, good luck mate and I look forward to chasing you in a WOD sometime in the future!!!

  6. Goodluck Stevo, was great to meet you! Next time you’re about let us know, pop in to do a WOD, and we’ll celebrate with some drinks courtesy of Carl Williams/Gyton Grantley.

    1. Thanks Jess – hopefully by the time I see you next, your chaffing areas have hardened up! Joking of course :-*