WOD: Friday

Take 20 minutes to work on your Power Clean and Jerk.

Then, using 60-70% of the load achieved perform:

10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps for time of:
Power Clean & Jerk
Perform one round of “Cindy” between each round.
(“Cindy” = 5 Pull-ups, 10 Push-ups, 15 Squats)

Post time to comments.

Yaro at the Beijing International School of Arts

6 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    Dancey: 12.08 (40kg/green)
    Big Wave: 9.20 (70kg)
    Tasha: 10.54 (35kg/green)
    Squid: 9.55 (70kg)
    Jak: 11.59 (32.5kg/purple)
    Julie: 9.37 (42.5kg)
    DJ Dave: 9.39 (65kg)
    Razor: 9.42 (50kg)
    Adam.H: 9.09 (60kg)
    Matt: 9.46 (60kg)
    Lindsey: DNF – niggle

    12 noon;
    Ash: 9.22 (50kg)
    Leandra: 11.25 (30kg)
    Jerka: 10.08 (51kg)
    Phantom: 11.22 (55kg)
    Jono: 12.43 (50kg)
    Nick.E: 12.27 (40kg)
    Mitch: 8.25 (40kg)
    Mark.M: 11.26 (40kg)
    Shaggy: 12.27 (45kg)
    16.40 rxd

  2. Hey all!

    Just so people know the time is almost here for Adam and Eve to impart their final words of wisdom and pearls of knowledge before heading back to the homeland of SA.

    What makes more sense than a bowling session on Saturday 15th October at 4.30-6.30pm at AMF bowling in Moonah. We have a fair few lanes booked but if people could let me know if they’re interested in coming bowling for number purposes would be great. There maybe a little caring and sharing needed here. 3 games cost about $25.

    After this we have some tables booked at Cargo bar in Salamanca, at 7.15pm where people can come along for dinner, drinks, gossip and the works.

    Cam is playing at 9.00pm at grape as well so there could be a good chance that many will be stumbling down to sing along!

    This is also a +1 event as Nick happens to be heading off to Melbourne at about the same time so we thought it was only fair to include him in the celebrations!

    Everyone is more than welcome! Hope to see you all there.

  3. WoD Results:


    Joel: 4+5 (20kg)
    Rowan: 11:32 (50kg, jumping)
    Weg: 10:13 (60kg, 10kg vest)
    Mike: 5 (16kg)
    Tan: 12:16 (35kg, orange)
    Sarah R.: 10:32 (25kg, green, knees)
    Le’roy: Counter/Motivator
    Liam: 11:20 (50kg)
    Mark T.: 4+5+2 (16kg)
    Steph: 11:26 (30kg)


    Meg W.: 5+5+10 (10kg, jumping, kness)
    Sarah C.: 10:59 (30kg, green)
    Tommi G.: 9:03 (50kg)
    Matt R.: 8:15 (40kg, hang clean/jerk)
    Showtime: 8:47 (50kg)
    Nick W.: 10:05 (40kg)
    Murf: 9:44 (50kg)
    Jose: 14:33 (70kg)
    Shell: 9:23 (30kg, purple/green)
    Cam: 6:35 (60kg)
    Juanita: 4+5+10+10 (20kg, blue/green)
    Alice: 9:11 (35kg)
    Thomas: 5 (7kg, jumping)
    Luke: 8:19 (50kg)
    Emily: 13:23 (35kg)


    The Hoff: 11:54 (50kg)
    Edwin: 10:15 (40kg)
    Hristo: 11:20 (40kg)
    Massive: 11:52 (45kg)
    Eve: 12:36 (35kg)