WOD: Friday

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5 rounds for time of:

9 Power Snatch, 35kg (25kg)

7 Snatch Balance, 35kg (25kg)

5 Overhead Squat, 35kg (25kg)

Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

Torn Hands? – read this!

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  1. Thanks for the torn hands link! Yeah I am pretty bad ass ha ha. Nah, good to know thanks. I’ll struggle with Fridays WOD..

  2. Looking back on this WOD and all the athletes that undertook it excites me. It excites me because over the past few months I have seen people get so much stronger/better. I think there will b some pretty big pb’s in this 1. Good luck crew 🙂

  3. WOD results:

    15 minute cut-off
    Novices: AMRAP 15min

    DJ Dave: 8.40 rxd
    Matt: 14.03 rxd
    Austin: 5+9 (10kg)
    Hilux: 4+9+1 (20kg)
    Razor: 11.01 (25kg)
    Margarita: 8+9+7+3 (broomstick)
    Julian: 14.37 (20kg)
    Adam.H: 10.30 (30kg)
    Leisha: 13.36 (20kg/sub SB with BS)
    Mitch: 6+5 (7kg)
    Bove: c/o 4+5+2 rxd
    Julie: 7.52 rxd
    Hristo: 6+3 (20kg)

    12 noon:
    Phantom: c/o 4+9+1 (30kg)
    Jono: 8.38 (30kg)
    Simon: 8.45 (25kg)
    Alice: 8+9+7 (3kg)
    Liam: 12.38 (25kg)
    Jerka: 6+8 (20kg)
    Juanita: 8+9+5 (3kg)
    Slats: c/o 4+9+7+4 rxd
    Slayer: 13.50 rxd
    4 rounds for time of:
    Run 400m
    15 Thrusters, 42.5kg
    15 Pull-ups
    Matt: 16.15 rxd
    DJ Dave: 15.35 rxd

  4. WoD Results:


    Weg: 9:37rxd
    Showtime: 12:35 (2 rnds 30kg, 3 rnds 20kg)
    Disco Danny: 2rnds (7kg) 4+9 (16kg)
    Joel: 9+4 (7kg)
    Ash: 6:18 (20kg)
    Rowan: 6:05 (7kg)
    Leandra: 8+9 (7kg)
    Sarah C.: 5:59 (7kg)
    Shell: 6:26 (7kg)
    Kyle: 10:38rxd
    Tan: 12:15 (20kg)
    Emily R.: 9+9 (3kg)
    Tom A.: AMRAP (3kg)
    Le’roy: 8:21rxd
    Steph: 9:52 (20kg, sub SBPP, RR OHS)


    Matt R.: AMRAP (7kg)
    Tommi G.: 6:45 (30kg)
    Mark M.: 7? (7kg)
    Cam: 7:04 rxd
    Jase: 12:56 (20kg)
    Sarah R.: 5? (3kg)
    BW Dave: 6:24 rxd
    Alex: 12:02 rxd
    Tom: 7:35 rxd
    Murf: 10:07 (30kg)


    Thomas: 5+9+4 (7kg)
    Tasha: 12:17 (20kg)
    Mark I.: 13:50 (4 rnds, 20kg)
    Coleman: 12:52 (20kg)
    Adam M.: 13:25 (30kg)
    Eve: 14:18 rxd

    GO PIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!