WOD: Friday

Take 15 minutes to find a heavy Squat Clean, then;


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Squat Clean, 60kg/40kg


Post time to comments.

Compare to last time here.

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  1. There is half a chance that crossfit 42s could be on a manslaughter charge by the end of this week! 🙂

  2. Jak friends health & fitness: 9/9
    21, 15, 9
    Sub ring pulls for tricep dips

  3. WOD results:

    Mel: 7.20 (BS 35kg/PU)
    Leisha: 6.49 (BS 40kg/orange)
    Lisa.N: 14.48 (purple)
    Tom: 8.47 rxd
    Matt: 9.32 (55kg)
    Hilux: 7.31 (30kg/PU)
    DJ Dave: 9.03 rxd
    Simon: 10.20 (30kg/orange)
    Josh: 8.16 (40kg/orange)
    Jimmy: 9.35 rxd
    Julie: 9.54 rxd
    Bove: 10.23 (50kg/orange)
    Dancey: 8.38 (30kg/PU)
    Jaci: 9.16 (30kg/PU)
    Tasha: 7.59 (30kg/PU)
    Ant: 10.18 (20kg/PU)

    12 noon:
    Scott: 13.34 (50kg)
    Leandra: 14.01 (30kg/purple)
    Juanita: 11.05 (30kg/PU)
    Lauren: 10.32 (FS 30kg/purple)
    Jacqui: 6.25 (FS 30kg/orange)
    Slayer: 11.11 rxd
    Slats: 11.14 rxd
    Phantom: 19.03 rxd
    Hristo: 12.37 (40kg/purple)
    Jerka: 15.55 (50kg)
    Rob: 17.51 (50kg/orange)
    DJ Dave: 4 rounds for time of: 500m Row/30 Double-unders: 11.18 rxd

  4. Hi Drummond,

    My name is Travis. I am based in Sydney and have been ‘surfing’ sites for about 12 weeks to find a program that I feel can get me to the regionals next year. I have even been to a few boxes but haven’t ‘felt it’. Then I found 42 south and DAMN…lol. Love the programming and the ‘feel’ of your gym- that probably sounds weird…..I read the comments from your members and sense a great crew. I was inspired to have a crack @ ‘bull’ the other day. I did it in 1hr 5mins Rxd- the first time I have ever used 60kg OHS in a WOD….I was wrapt and sore hahaha but loved it. Anyway thanks for posting on the page, it has given me an avenue to achieve my goal.

    Travis Touma

    Travis Touma ? Physiotherapist
    Sydney Roosters Football Club Ltd

  5. PowerStation Gym, Wynyard


    Micah: 11:36 (50kg)
    Brad: 14:06 (20kg, fixed dip station)

    Great WOD!!! Loved it

  6. WoD Results:


    Joel: 9:58 (FS 30kg, purple)
    Rowan: 13:48 (30kg, purple)
    Mark I.: 8:49 (20kg, puirple)
    Weg: 12:50 rxd
    Jess: 12:00 (orange)
    Luke: 11:51 rxd
    Brett: 6:22 rxd
    Shaggy: 12:12 (50kg, orange)
    Le’roy: 6:28 (40kg)
    Sandy: 15:45 (50kg)
    Jake: 17:12 (50kg)
    Kate: 12:13 (30kg, orange)
    Alice: 8:41 (30kg, orange)
    Liam: 10:43 (40kg, orange)
    Clair: 8:30 (21kg, PUs)
    Sarah R.: (21kg, PUs)


    BW Dave: 11:55rxd
    Nick W.: 11:59 (50kg)
    Chris: 15:53 rxd
    Tommi G.: 17:43 (orange)
    Kyle: 14:11 rxd
    Matt R.: 8:08 (FS 20kg, orange)
    Showtime: 20:32 (50kg, orange)
    Nick: 15:30 (50kg)
    Mike: 7:39 (FS 20kg, purple)
    Alex: 21:15 (orange)


    Coleman: 12:25 (50kg)
    Eve: 12:09 (purple)
    Adam M.: 12:51 (50kg, orange)