WOD: Friday

5 cycles for max reps of:
1 min of Shoulders to Overhead, 40kg/30kg
1 min of Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, 40kg/30kg
1 min of Rest

In 3 minutes complete 20 Burpees and in the remaining time accumulate as many double-unders as possible.

Post total reps and double-unders to comments.

6 Responses

  1. WOD results:
    (total reps achieved in WOD/double-unders from finisher)


    Lisa.N: 140 rxd/41 sit-ups
    Leisha: 152 (25kg/82
    Sarah: 140 (20kg)/6
    Austin: 159 (16kg/?
    Adam.H: 253 (30kg)/12
    Lindsey: 192 rxd/61
    Micah: 214 (30kg)/21
    Simon: 116 rxd/103
    Jak: 165 (20kg/26
    Bove: 146 rxd/71
    Edwin: 138 rxd/71

    Drum 11.33 rxd PB
    Russ: 13.11 rxd
    Jimmy: 12.05 rxd
    Mason: 13.06 rxd

    12 noon:
    Jono: 141 rxd/75
    Ash: 175 rxd/61
    Clair: 156(16kg)/1
    Esther: 180 (20kg)/34
    Slayer: 189 rxd/120
    Mark: 134 rxd/36
    Razor: 182 rxd/210

  2. 12noon zap d’port

    196 (30kg) 28 (sub 24″ box jump 4 DU’d)

    Goin to by skipping rope now so I can stop my cherry picking 😉

  3. 0800

    Chops:19.25 rxd
    AS:12.32 rxd

    Pleasure to train with you Scott and great to see you hit your goat wod rxd for the first time.

  4. Have been checking the website every 2 minutes for the last hour to see the afternoons results! just remembered that Adam, aka ‘paleo cop’, was taking the afternoon sessions, so looks like i wont know the results for the next 6 days!

    1. I just have my priorities right Razor. Posting the results comes second to watching the Pies smash Freo but seeing as it’s halftime…

      WoD Results:


      Margarita: 226 (3kg S2O, 16kg SDHP)/30
      Drum: 310 rxd/193
      Sarah R.: 132 (20kg)/attempts
      Weg: 233rxd/23
      Juanita: 157 (20kg)/2
      Leandra: 148 (25kg)/29
      Joel: 77 (30kg)/26
      Chris: 212 rxd/47
      Nick: 126 rxd/50
      BW Dave: 277 rxd/32


      Jose: 201 rxd
      Tommi G.: 189 rxd/51
      DJ Dave: 186 rxd/72
      Shell: 186 (25kg)/65
      Tasha: 222 (LH 16kg KB PP)/140 SS
      Jaci: 113 (3 rounds, injury, 25kg)
      Alice: 163 rxd/68
      Tim: 215 (30kg)/29
      Alex: 154 rxd/54
      Mike: lost count (16kg)
      Murf: 159 rxd/lost count
      Laurence: 149 rxd/102
      Luke: 174 rxd/100


      Alain: 192 rxd/32
      Adam M.: 123 rxd/74
      Eve: 154 (25kg)/48
      Ally: 90 (16kg)/3