WOD: Friday

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thruster, 42.5kg/30kg


‘Heavy Fran’
15-12-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters, 60kg/40kg
Weighted Pull-ups, 20kg/16kg

Post time to comments.
Compare to last time here.

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  1. WOAH, what just happened? So I totally underestimated Fran…
    Thanks for the motivation Tasha & Russ! I thought my arms were going to drop off!!
    Great job morning guys : )

  2. WOD results:

    Leisha: 7.45 (16kg KBS)
    Lindsey: 6.15 (orange) PB
    Lisa.N: 8.42 rxd PB
    Tasha: 7.50 (22.5kg/green-jump)
    Matt: 6.15 rxd PB
    DJ Dave: 11.25 (RR PU – just!) Heavy Fran
    Julie: 6.44 rxd PB
    Jac: 10.24 (25kg/green)
    Simon: 11.06 (35kg)
    Razor: 8.28 rxd PB
    Bove: 8.15 rxd PB

    What a fantastic morning of PBs. The morning crew killed it.

    12 noon:
    Phantom: 8.30 rxd PB
    Doc: 10.47 rxd
    Alice: 15.44 rxd
    Jono: 11.01 (orange)
    Jerka: 8.30 rxd PB
    Juanita: 9.08 (25kg/jump)
    Jason: 13.47 rxd
    Mark.I: 10.04 (25kg/blue)
    Karen: 7.48 (60kg DL/13″ BJ)
    Rob: 12.03 (30kg)
    DJ Dave:
    20 Cal Row
    30 Wall Ball, 10kg
    20 Toes to Bar
    30 Box-Jumps, 24?
    20 Sumo Deadlift High-Pull, 32kg Kettlebell
    30 Burpees
    20 Shoulder to Overhead, 60kg
    20m Sled Pull, 100kg

    A. AMRAP 3 min
    B. AMRAP 6 min
    C. For time.

    Exactly 2 minute rest between each segment.

    a. 66/ b. 121/ 13.23 rxd

    Esther: 6.39 (20kg/blue)
    Margarita: 7.10 (1 arm 5kg/jump)
    Sparta: 4.37 rxd
    Le’Roy: 6.13 rxd PB
    Emily: 6.46 rxd PB
    Tan: 10.18 (orange) PB
    Sanch: 12.11 (green) PB
    Kristen: 8.27 (7kg/green) PB
    Tommi.G: 13.16 rxd PB
    Weg: 6.55 rxd
    Slayer: 5.30 rxd PB
    Nic: 8.43 rxd PB
    Leandra: 11.16 (30kg-20kg/purple)

    Murph: 6.18 (30kg/orange)
    Ant: 4.11, 3.48 (7kg/blue)
    Lukey: 7.38 rxd
    Timmy: 10.30 (30kg/orange) PB
    Tom: 8.43 rxd Heavy Fran!
    Chris: 5.30 rxd
    Jake: 7.28 rxd PB
    Cam: 5.32 rxd
    Jose: 8.14 rxd PB
    Alex: 7.00 rxd PB

    Kyle: 6.58 rxd
    Nick: 12.11 rxd
    Scott: 9.22 (36kg)
    Adam.M: 14.07 rxd PB
    Eve: 10.24 rxd PB

    Amazing energy in the box today. Thank you for your efforts.

    Congrats to the athletes who achieved PBs or went “rxd” for the first time – brilliant.

    Good luck to Sparta who leaves us indefinitely today to travel the world for a while. Travel safe mate, you will be missed brother.

  3. Agreed well done to everyone! It’s awesome to see so many people stepping up to RXD and others moving up through their respective scaling and still smashing it! Inspirational stuff guys love it!

  4. 1st day back after 4wks holiday, gunna hurt tomorrow.

    Mobilisation and skills work

    Nice work on the rxd Nelsen

  5. And thank you to you Drum, for introducing me to CrossFit and making it a part of my daily life. I will continue to pursue and enjoy this sport for many years to come! You do an awesome job as coach, mentor and mate. Best of luck with 42South; keep making people fit and strong!
    And all my best to the 42South crew, it was great to train with and get to know you all.